Tables in an overview break out the different tax areas, while filters make it easy to go straight to a desired subset. A tax rate panel prompts the HR administrator to enter rates for an employee. A simple export flow allows maximum interoperability with little overhead. One of the few steps required for end users is this direct deposit setup form.


Move Stipend Disbursement Product: Integrating the right tools for a smooth move

At UrbanBound, I helped design and launch an HR benefits distribution product called Move Stipend.

When a company gives relocating employees a lump-sum move benefit, it’s almost always in the form of a check. Our goal was to take this process online, making it faster and simpler for employees who already have their hands full with moving.

We started with a design sprint to define the core functionality. Next, I took on the responsibilities of researching and recommending platform partners for document signing and payments that would fit with our vision. With partner candidates selected, I iterated on the experience to integrate everything, ultimately producing a product that differentiated us in the relocation market.