Surfacing critical information alongside routine workflows was a key point of balance for the dashboard. I successfully made the case to switch map providers, giving us more control over visual hierarchy.


Visibility Operations Center: Bringing high-volume, real-time data within reach

At Project44, I had the responsibility for evolving the dashboard of the Visibility Operations Center, a software product used by high-volume shippers and third-party logistics companies to track freight across a variety of modes of transportation. The original dashboard was based around the idea of saved searches, and consisted of a grid of cards with a description of each search.

Different groups within the organization had different priorities: Our users were telling customer success they wanted more information at a glance. Management wanted the UI to hew closer to our new brand standards. Sales wanted to integrate analytics to sell to more strategic users.

As we approached an MVP to demo at a trade show, I collaborated across teams to address each of these in turn: With the product manager, we arrived at showing a count number on each card to make it clearer when a saved search for an actionable state needed extra attention. I iterated on our design language in collaboration with the marketing team to arrive at a functional, yet on-brand visual refresh. Lastly, I trid to find analytics with the right combination of relevance our stakeholders recommended and technical feasibility according to our engineering team, and integrated them into the existing card structure to make the transition easy for existing users. The demo was a success, with a warm reception at the show.